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This is a unique opportunity to “adopt / sponsor” a true Aussie Icon! Hand-rearing and rehabilitation is an expensive undertaking and 100% of the money raised goes towards the care of our animals. Adopt an animal makes a great gift for family or friends or perhaps you have fallen in love with an animal and just want to spoil yourself!!

On adopting / sponsoring an animal you will receive:

  • a photo of your animal
  • his or her personal history
  • a fact sheet on the species adopted
  • a fact sheet on Uralla — our history and philosophy
  • a gift pack of six assorted postcards
  • inclusion on our monthly e-mail newsletter
  • … all other items will be sent via post

Every three months you will receive an updated photo and progress sheet on your animal.

Your generosity will go towards ensuring the best possible chance for a successful rehabilitation and release back into the wild to live the life they deserve. Many thanks from all the animals at Uralla!

To download the application form click here!

Now all you have to do is choose your favourite animal and send us the completed application form. Have fun!

Nami (Western Grey Kangaroo)

NamiNami has her own unique personality; she is very curious and behaves like a big girl already despite being a little under 2 kilograms. She likes to stand up after each feeding and enjoys the walks in her mum’s arms. She will be hopping around with all her friends very soon.

Princess Anna (Banana) of Uralla (Western Grey Kangaroo)

AnnaAnna already went through a terrible accident despite her young age; her mum was caught in a fence and Anna’s ear couldn’t avoid the barbwire. She has now recovered from that and is a happy little girl discovering her new life at Uralla.

Laurel (Western Grey Kangaroo)

LaurelLaurel arrived at Uralla together with his mate Hardy. Laurel lost his mum in a car accident and is now rehabilitating at Uralla to be released later. Laurel is a shy little kangaroo and spends his time in his pouch. He’s growing well though and will soon be able to jump amongst the other joey’s and show his confidence.

Santa Fe (Western Grey Kangaroo)

Santa FeSanta Fe is a funny kangaroo who arrived at Uralla in September 2014. She was really small and stressed when she arrived, but she has grown up quickly and is really confident now. She is very eager to spend as much time outside as possible, but in her enthusiasm often jumps and runs too fast, making for some entertaining stunts! Santa Fe has an “indian face” with a unique spot between her eyes.

Yume (Western Grey Kangaroo)







Coming soon!

Shubaka (Western Grey Kangaroo)

ShubakaShubaka, named after the Star Wars hero, arrived at Uralla at the beginning of October 2014. Even though he is already big enough to hop around, he mostly enjoys to look at the world around him from the comfort of his pouch.

Teetoo (Western Grey Kangaroo)

TeetooTeetoo is a happy kangaroo who arrived at Uralla in September. He is the most famous orphaned joey at Uralla, because of having his own song, which can be seen on our facebook page. Teetoo can be quite the troublemaker, jumping (and sometimes peeing) on the furniture and claiming his own spot on the sofa. Yet he fits in great with all the other joey’s.

Indy (Western Grey Kangaroo)

IndyIndy is a shy little joey who arrived at Uralla during the second half of October. She loves the comfort of her pouch, but is gaining confidence everyday and spends more and more time on her jumps around the yard. She is very curious to meet all the joey’s around her already and is surely eager to play amongst them after the feeds.

Zoé (Red Kangaroo)

ZoeZoé is a beautiful little red joey who arrived at Uralla because another home could not be found for her. Her journey to us involved a plane trip and long car ride. She is very curious and loves lots of cuddles. Zoé loves her bottles of milk and would gladly take those of the other joey’s as well.

Popcorn (Tammar Wallaby)

PopcornPopcorn has the typical Tammar personality: gutsy, independent, and loving, but always on her terms. She lives permanently here at Uralla in the company of her boyfriend Lollipop. With the population of Tammars in the wild dwindling, we are very happy that Popcorn and Lollipop are currently raising a little baby wallaby named Crunchy.

Ruby (Dingo)

RubyRuby is one out of eight pups born to resident dingo Kelly. She shares her yard with Nibbler, who she is always teasing and provoking into playing. Ruby is very interested to meet whoever approaches her and will not let herself go unnoticed. She loves to go on walks as often as possible and end them with a swim.

Angel (Euro)

AngelOn the contrary to typical Euro fashion and unlike Rosie (Euro), Angel loves a cuddle and is always looking for as much human attention as she can get. She usually spends her days out in the ‘Royal’ gardens together with male-Euro Takka. Her name suits her well, she has a unique positive personality.

Takka (Euro)


Takka came to live at Uralla because he has a permanent injury to his leg. However this doesn’t stop him from thinking he is the king of all he surveys. His favourite place is on the lounge sofa and he will happily push anyone off who happens to be sitting in his spot. Like all Euro’s he has a feisty personality but also loves his cuddles.



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I am so greatful for an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the kangaroos, dingoes and the lambs.
Really a rewarding experience and friendly atmosphere.
Thank you!!

- Anna S. (Poland)

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A kangaroo pregnancy takes 30 days

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