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Guide for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife

By law, all wildlife is protected and may not be kept as pets. All sick, injured ad orphaned wildlife will be cold, shocked, highly stressed and dehydrated.

Native animals are particularly susceptible to stress and this alone is enough to kill them. The immediate and basic needs of injured wildlife are:


  • Secure containment to prevent further injury
  • Warmth
  • Quiet
  • Dark
  • No food or water
  • Urgent help from a qualified person, either a vet or a wildlife rehabilitator


Until you can get the animal to a qualified person, the animal requires the following:

RESCUE DETAILS – Please note the exact location you find the animal. This is critical in the case of extreme territorial birds such as magpies.

WARMTH – All animals will be shocked and cold. Keep them in a warm place, out of draught.

QUIET – Native animals are extremely susceptible to stress and this alone is often enough to kill them. Keep the animals as quiet as possible and away from loud noises such as radios, televisions and children. Please keep domestic animals well away from the injured animal. Whilst you may know your pet is harmless or that the animal is safe from your pet, the injured and stressed animal doesn’t and it will cause it further stress.

DO NOT FEED – Native animals have highly specialist diets. The animal can go without food until you are able to get it to a qualified person.

QUALIFIED CARE – Please get the animal to a qualified person as soon as possible. Please do not keep the animal for a few hours or days before calling for help.




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We have been there twice for 3 and a half months and then back recently to see our babies for two weeks. Chris and Jessica, our babies Star, Faith and Rosalie. Star and Rosalie arrived the same day as us, Star 1.3kg and Rosalie 2.1kg. Faith was a mere pinky and approx 500 grams. All much bigger when we left and huge when we went back for a few weeks in May 2013. Much love to Mandy, John.

- acumul8r1

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