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Uralla was established in 2000 for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of Australian wildlife. Mandy English

It was initially something John and I wanted to do together, but soon grew too big for us to handle as more and more animals arrived on our doorstep. Starting out as two people who loved animals but really knew little about caring for them, we had a steep learning curve that not only taught us about them, but also taught us a lot  about ourselves.

We moved to our current site of 150 acres in 2009 after we outgrew our original 40 acre site.

This move involved a lot of work as the new site had no house, no power, no fences and no water. To this day the house is still a work in progress, but we are not complaining; the rest of the infrastructure is in place and we are able to provide a safe, happy and settled environment for all the animals that come into our care.

With the help of volunteers Uralla is able to provide are 365 days of the years for any orphaned, injured or abandoned animal. Our volunteers are an integral part of sanctuary life and we certainly could not survive without them.

John and I feel we lead a very privileged life; we get to spend our life surrounded by our fantastic and unique wildlife that give us so much love and joy, plus on top of this we get to meet some amazing people who come to Uralla to volunteer their time selflessly.  What more could you ask for?




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I could spend great time n Uralla!
Thank you so much for everything.

- Aya S. (Japan)

Did You Know?

We have more than 70 kangoroos (Euros, Red Kangaroos, Western Grey Kangaroos) and 6 Dingos

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Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary, Perillup WA 6324 | ph: 08 9856 1065 | email: mandyroo@westnet.com.au | facebook: www.facebook.com/uralla.wild